Maurizio Sarri takes parting shot at Eden Hazard’s work rate at Juventus announcement

Maurizio Sarri is having his first press conference as Juventus manager, and it’s pretty funny to see how he gets on under the lights for them.

It was always one of his weak points as our boss, but back in his first language it’s interesting to hear him speak about his time at the club.

One interesting foible is this that he just threw in, taking a dig at Eden Hazard’s defensive abilities, which you can see embedded in this Tweet from Nizaar Kinsella:

Clearly Sarri would have preferred a player better suited to his “system”; for as much as he praises the Belgians skills, he also criticises his defensive lapses and lack of effort at times.

Maybe he thinks things could have gone even better with a more diligent Hazard, but it’s hard to think of anything more he really could have done to help his boss.

We will follow this story with interest. Right now we’re not really sure how Sarri will survive the Juve lions den.