Why it’s impossible to know what Chelsea’s betting odds will be next season with possible wild summer ahead

The football season is over, and now we’ve had to swallow the bitter pill of watching Liverpool lift the Champions League in Madrid (hey, at least it wasn’t Tottenham), we can already start looking ahead to next season.

There may not be any matches between now and August, but there’s certain to be some action. Maurizio Sarri’s future seems very uncertain, with even top sites like the BBC pointing to him potentially leaving the club despite our success in the Europa League.

That means uncertainty, and the fact that we’re currently affected by a transfer ban either doesn’t help.

Thinking ahead to next season’s first game, where after a summer off, a punter might want to go to a betting site like www.freebets.com to back the Blues to win or a new star signing as a first goalscorer, it’s hard to imagine what the odds will look like.

Will Maurizio Sarri still be in charge, with a big money striker leading the line? Or will it be Frank Lampard under a transfer ban, using youth players to try and battle against the odds? We just don’t know, and so it’s impossible to say what those odds will look like too.

It could be Tammy Abraham or Mauro Icardi leading the line, and that would seriously change the odds either way. Will it be Sarri on the bench, or Carlo Ancelotti? Or Jose Mourinho? Even Steve Holland got a mention today. Everything is up in the air right now, and anyone looking to make some money on us might see that as a great opportunity.

Uncertainty is the way to make money off the bookies, and if you’ve got an inkling that Chelsea might be about to overturn their ban and go all out this summer you could put money on them winning silverware next season.

On the other hand, if you think we’re going to take our medicine and let Frank begin a long term project, you might want to bet against us in those early stages as he finds his feet with a lot of young players in the Premier League.

It will all come down to these next few weeks, and things could move very quickly indeed. Just because the games have finished doesn’t mean there’s no money to be made, and the managerial changes and transfers that sweep across Europe in the next two months will see odds swing back and forth without a ball being kicked.

Let’s hope Chelsea get the big calls right from now on, and we become more and more favoured as thee summer goes on.