How clever Juventus fans figured out when Maurizio Sarri could be appointed

Maurizio Sarri is the Chelsea manager, but nobody is sure for how much longer.

The rumours intensifying in the last few hours indicate that it will not be long before he is named the new gaffer of the Turin based club, and some Juve fans have even gone a step further and think they managed to figure out way back in May what day the presentation would be on.

As pointed out by Chelsea Youth in the Tweet below, tours of the Italian team’s stadium were withdraw from sale for this Friday.

That hints that maybe there’s a big event being planned, like say, for example a managerial unveiling? It’s not certain, but it’s definitely enough to get people excited. It would also fit in with the idea from the article linked above that Sarri could sign in the next 48 hours – and then be presented a couple of days later.

We await further developments with interest.