Chelsea will not allow this £57m signing to join Juventus yet

Chelsea are not going to allow Jorginho to join Juventus according to Simon Johnson of the Evening Standard.

The midfielder has been the subject of reported interest from the Italian club following their capture of Maurizio Sarri as coach from us. He was presented to the media in Italy today, and the whispers have been that he wants to take his regista with him.

That would be a tempting offer for any Chelsea manager. While Jorginho clearly has a lot of unique abilities, they are very much suited to some style of play and not others.

But the transfer ban in place means that they were never really likely to consider this seriously. There is no room at the moment to let first team players go, no matter how tempting the offer, and probably our whole squad will have to put up with this kind of stonewall treatment in the next couple of months:

You’re staying, no matter what the offer is. In a year’s time things will be very different, but for now there’s no budging.