Chelsea linked with unpopular former manager as Maurizio Sarri’s replacement

Reports in Italy have it that former Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez is inching closer to a return to top management after Chelsea begin talks according to the Sun.

Tuttosport in Italy says Chelsea are close to appointing the manager they hired temporarily in 2013, to replace Maurizio Sarri who is also close to joining Juventus. Sarri’s imminent departure has led to Chelsea already scrambling for a replacement in the coming weeks.

Benitez’s know-how of the Premier League makes him a fine candidate for the job, but a few things go against him at the moment. He is first of all not a fans’ favorite and after the hostile treatment he received in his path to Europa League glory six years ago, he is clearly not going to enjoy any sympathy when things go wrong, even in the smallest ways.

Benitez’s time at Newcastle United is uncertain at the moment as new owners taking over the club could have different plans in the pipeline.