“He wants to win everything” – Chelsea stalwart insists owner still wants top trophies

David Luiz has always had a special relationship with Roman Abramovich.

The friendly Brazilian was a funny contrast with the icy Russian, who seemed to love the warmth of the South American’s natural spirit.

He bought him, let him go to PSG, then brought him back again a couple of years ago.

Now, speaking on our brief trip to Boston this week, the former Benfica man has insisted that our absentee landlord still loves the club and wants to do everything to continue winning trophies.

Luiz said he’s recently spoken to the boss, who is still determined to conquer Europe.

You can see his full quotes about Roman here:

“I had the opportunity to talk with him last week, to decide my future. He loves the club and everything that is inside the club, not just the people,” Luiz said.

“He wants to win everything. He is still in love with the club and wants to do more,” he continued in a presumably impassioned tone in quotes carried by The Sun.

“It is difficult for him, but his heart is with us, he tries to be involved every single day.

“He is still really passionate for the club. He is still thinking in the same way. He has the same hunger, thinking about winning. He doesn’t want to lose energy.”

That’s genuinely comforting to hear. Of course Luiz was always going to say this, or something similar, but it’s better than the resounding silence that usually booms forth from the corridors of power at the club.