“Next stage: Madrid” – Eden Hazard stars in Nissan advert with unsubtle final message

Nissan have just released an advert featuring Eden Hazard, and ending on a shot which features the words “Next stage: Madrid.”

Of course we’re not saying that the people who make the advert actually know anything – they’ve only hear the rumours like we have.

But all the same, they’ve done this on purpose to reference the move. That really feels like twisting the knife that the Belgian is leaving.

You can see the screenshot of the final screen above. You can watch the full video of the advert here.

It’s a shame to be mocked like this, but at this stage it’s just a matter of time time before he’s gone and we can start looking forward to who we can buy to try and replace him.

That will hopefully stop us feeling so bad, but seeing him doing kickups on the pitch at the Bernabeu is going to hurt, as will watching him slot in goals for the team in the Spanish capital.