Jorginho explains what has changed with Maurizio Sarri through this season

Jorginho is in a bit of a tricky situation at Chelsea if Maurizio Sarri leaves.

The former Napoli midfielder was bought alongside his coach last summer, but if the latter were to leave, the player would be left stranded here. So idiosyncratic is his game that a lot of managers would struggle to find a use for him, and so he sees his future tied unusually tightly to his boss.

Luckily for him, he doesn’t see there being any problems, and in fact recent quotes carried on the Daily Mail website have the Italy international speaking confidently about his boss and his future:

“I’d be surprised he did leave, because we are third in the Premier League behind Manchester City and Liverpool, we’re in the Europa League Final and reached the Carabao Cup Final,” he mused.

“It has been a positive season. Sarri is relaxed, even more so now than in other stages of the campaign.”

It’s interesting to hear him describe how Sarri’s move has improved. As we’ve clawed our way our of the doldrums of this season, we’ve seen him come back from the brink of desperation.

Now his protege has a point. He’s looking more relaxed and confident than he has for some time. Then again, maybe that’s just because he knows Juventus have a big contract offer waiting for him…