Eden Hazard’s honourable pledge to Chelsea could become reality in Europa League final

Eden Hazard’s pledge to Chelsea after his dismal 2015/16 campaign could be set turn into reality as he takes to the turf in Baku for the Europa League final.

Hazard is inarguably one of the best players we’ve ever had. He will go down in history at his football club as one of our finest, whatever happens in Baku.

However, the Belgian has been presented with an opportunity to go out on the highest of highs, winning an injury stricken Chelsea a European title.

It would be fitting with how Hazard himself envisaged he would leave the club, too. As the Guardian have reported ahead of our clash with Arsenal.

The Guardian dig up quotes from Hazard from after his (and our) poor 2015/16 season, where he reveals how he wants to leave Chelsea:

“If I ever leave, it’ll be after winning a title. You need to go out on a high so that people remember you for the right reasons.”

Hazard’s wish could come true if he is able to drag Chelsea over the line in Baku. We’ll need him at his very best if we want to have any chance of winning it.

If he plays an influential role in us being triumphant on Wednesday night, and goes on to join Real Madrid, no Chelsea fan will have any ill feeling towards him.