Why Eden Hazard says he has two “ratings” for this season

Eden Hazard has been speaking retrospectively about Chelsea’s season, with the expectation that it will be his last at the club.

Quotes on Goal.com have the Belgian midfielder discussing how he thinks this season went, and interestingly he has two different marks for it, depending on the outcome in Baku.

Personally he had a superb season, but there were plenty of holes in the team’s campaign overall, including some really dismal defeats, so it’s maybe no surprising that Hazard is a little cautious in his ratings.

“Yes, it is one of my best [seasons] in terms of goals contribution, of course. But at the end of the season, you want to win trophies, so we can go to Baku and win a trophy. If we do that and finish in the top four, it’s still a great season,” the former Lille attacker said.

“Now it’s like six-and-a-half [out of 10]. If we win in Baku it is going to be maybe seven-and-a-half.”

A fair enough distinction, we feel. Winning a Europa League won’t erase the pain of some of those defeats, or the sense that this team may be going in the wrong direction, but as Eden says, you can’t complain if you end the season winning the second biggest trophy you were competing for.

So let’s go to Baku, get the job done, make this a seven and a half season, and look to build on that next year – with or without Hazard.