How Chelsea’s unlikeliest draws of the season could have made you money

What would have happened if you’d bet on Chelsea to draw every game this season?

Well, you’d be a bit of an oddball for one thing. It’s never fun betting on a game to end all square.

But interestingly, according to Betway, that’s the only way you’d have stayed in profit if you’d chosen one to bet the same way on every match Chelsea played this season.

Our late run of draws, when the bookies were backing us to beat teams like Leicester on the last day, would have meant a late surge into the green.

You can see from the image below that betting on either all wins or all losses would have put you into the red by the end of the season.

But betting on games to end all square would have been a wise move for this sometimes sterile Sarri team. Our stuttering end of the season would have meant more money for you.

The unlikeliest game, the one that returned the greatest profit, was the 2-2 home game against Burnley on Monday Night Football, where we were expected to batter the Clarets with the chance to seize Champions League football.

That alone would have made you £55 off a £10 bet. Over the season, you would have ended up with £26 profit from betting a tenner a game on a draw. Worth a try next season if we don’t sign any new strikers! Maybe Roman could put a million on us to draw each game in a high stakes Siberian casino, and use the profits next May to pay Cristiano’s wages for a year?