Chelsea captain tells fans what they can do when Eden Hazard leaves

Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta has long been a leader on the pitch, and now he’s telling fans how to get over the pain of losing their best player.

The Evening Standard report that the defender, speaking to Sky Sports in Boston where Chelsea are preparing to play a post-season friendly against the New England Revolution, has grimly advised his colleagues and all Chelsea fans that all they can do is “respect” their star man’s decision:

“He is a very important player for us,” he told Sky Sports. “We arrived [at Chelsea] at the same time and, obviously, we want him to stay with us but we have to respect his decision,” the former Marseille player said.

“His mind is only on doing well with Chelsea and lifting the trophy in Baku. Then we will see,” he continued.

It’s fair enough, and we feel that most fans will go along with that. Certainly, after 7 years valiant service from the Belgian, not many Chelsea fans are angry at him. Most of us already think we know his decision – to leave – and will respect it.

It’s not like not respecting it would have much effect anyway. If the Spanish club pay the money we want, there will be nothing left to stop him leaving us. All we can do is remember him fondly.