Willian explains how booing Jorginho affects the other players on the pitch

Willian has been speaking to the press ahead of Chelsea’s game against Dynamo Kiev, and the subject of Jorginho came up pretty early on.

The Brazilian has endured a tough time at Stamford Bridge since arriving with his manager Maurizio Sarri in the summer. His recent performances have faded, and he was booed when he was brought off in two recent games.

Responding to that behaviour from the crowd at the Bridge, Willian said he didn’t like it, and reminded fans that it affects players still on the pitch too.

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We agree with this. We know that it’s the fans booing Sarri’s defensive tactics as much as anything, but it’s so negative for the players on the pitch to hear that, as we’ve had confirmed by Willian today.

So in the future, maybe let’s try and stay positive. Cheer all you want for an attacker coming on, but don’t boo the player coming off.