How Malmo accidentally took £2,000 of Europa League gear from Chelsea

Given the Champions League is constructed mainly of overblown hyperbole, it’s not surprising that the Europa League is usually the focus for more of the fun, light hearted stories of the day.

Today’s clash with Kiev is no exception, when it comes to the Sun, whose feelgood “exclusive” of the day is that Malmo accidentally took a coachload of Europa League balls with them after losing to Chelsea in the last round.

Apparently looking to make a hasty exit after their defeat, the Swedes loaded up their bus and headed to the airport, not realising that they had packed our allocated set of 100 Europa League balls.

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READ MORE: How Malmo accidentally took £2,000 of Europa League gear from Chelsea

They realised soon after luckily, and returned them to us immediately. Thank goodness for that. Our home leg against Dinamo Kiev might have been more of a challenge if we’d had to use tennis balls or some rolled up socks.

Let’s hope the story from tonight’s game in Kiev ends up being something similarly light-hearted, rather than related to the horrific, potentially injury causing pitch that the players will be on.