Eden Hazard joins in mocking Courtois with every other Chelsea fan

Eden Hazard has not left Chelsea yet, and while he’s here he likes the same things we do.

Top of that list of “things we like” is Hazard doing Hazard things – as he did yesterday.

But close second, this season at least, is laughing at Thibaut Courtois.

The goalkeeper forced his way out of Chelsea in the summer, and the disrespect he showed the club who did everything for him means he’s now a major hate figure around the club.

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It looks like it’s getting to him, too. He’s had a shocking season with Real Madrid, and the first act of the returning Zinedine Zidane was dropping him.

Now that form has carried over to Belgium, and the keeper made a real howler against Russia that Hazard had to bail him out for.

That gave the winger the chance to take a cheeky pop at his teammate, as recorded here in the Sun:

“Thibaut Courtois watches a lot of videos of my actions and then he tries to copy me,” he said with a knowing smile.

“The problem is, he is much taller than me, so it isn’t that easy.”

They’re laughing now Thibaut – lose them a game and they might not be so kind.