Chelsea’s dire corner stats show big underlying problem

Chelsea’s corner taking this season has been really bad, we can all agree on that.
Pat Nevin even went as far as mentioning it on his column on the club’s official website. That shows that it’s not just the fans who must be tearing their hair out. We took an impressive 13 corner kicks against Wolves, showing our domination of the game. But just two of them resulted in a chance for us.
He blames the area around the corner flags for this, and maybe he has a point. But naturally, given he’s writing on the club’s official site, it’s perhaps no surprise he gives the players and coaching staff an easy ride.
Set pieces are a vital part of the modern game, and that return is just not good enough. It must be partly down to the coaching, but the players are to blame too. Eden Hazard’s efforts recently haven’t been great, and Willian’s have been even worse.
Maurizio Sarri was supposed to be strong in this area, but we certainly haven’t seen much evidence of that so far.
And don’t get us started on David Luiz’ free kicks…