Chelsea supporters accused of using ‘the y-word’ at Cardiff City this afternoon

Standard Sport reporter Simon Johnson has claimed to have heard chants of ‘the y-word’ from the Chelsea away supporters in Cardiff.

Accusations of anti-semitic chanting have marred our season, along with our uninspiring performances under Maurizio Sarri.

Especially earlier in the campaign, there was increased opposition to Chelsea’s use of the word ‘y*d’. It’s undeniably wrong and needs to stop.

It has been some time now since Chelsea fans have been accused of such chanting, but Simon Johnson has claimed that it has returned today.

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Soon after the game kicked off in Wales, he sent out the below tweet…

We’ll have to wait and see if there’s any further verification of these claims. If it arrives, there’s no doubt those involved should be punished accordingly.

It’s such a shame that the stupidity of some can paint a whole fanbase in such a negative manner. The vast majority of Chelsea fans condemn this kind of behaviour.

The y-word needs to exit English football altogether. It’s partially our responsibility to ensure it does, but Tottenham fans also need to stop using it on a weekly basis.