“There were people fighting… did we take it a bit too far? Sometimes, yes” – Former Chelsea stalwart reveals passion behind the scenes

Jon Obi Mikel was always a well liked, but quiet and shy type in his time at Chelsea.

It appears that things weren’t quite so serene behind the scenes. An interview carried in today’s edition of The Sun shines a light on what really went on behind the scenes at the club in his time there, and there’s some explosive quotes.

The Nigerian midfielder focuses on how hungry the team were, and how inspired they were by their captain John Terry.

“If we lost a game, we may not speak to each other for a day to show this was not good and tomorrow had to be better.” the former Blue said.

“We were just so hungry. Did we take it a bit too far? Sometimes, yes, we had to.There were people fighting, grabbing round the neck, JT smashing the table and drinks. If we were losing a game you did not want to be in the dressing room.”

It seems like the passion and the desire to win at the club at the time was really what drove us to success. What we’d do to get that spirit back now.

Mikel is back in England playing at Middlesbrough until the end of the season, and we’re sure he will be bringing some of that spirit into the team under Tony Pulis too.