Chelsea continue with controversial website feature despite club’s humiliation

The Chelsea official website’s “mediawatch” feature is a pretty anodyne rundown of the day’s news in the press, but it’s caused some controversy this week.

First it was because it was reporting on the Isco transfer rumours that did the rounds last week.

Plenty of fans pointed out that this wasn’t really what they expected from that outlet, and that the last thing they wanted to see their club doing was adding to the already endless procession of rumours that surround the club (that’s our job at ChelseaNews, after all…)

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Now the feature has caused even more controversy, by appearing again in the wake of our utter humiliation against Manchester City yesterday.

We thought the club might take a week off, having really put their foot in it with the Isco stuff. Instead it seems they’re doubling down.

I guess at this stage, they’ve not really got much face to lose.