The one Marcos Alonso stat that shows how bad his night was against Arsenal

Marcos Alonso had a bit of a stinker yesterday against Arsenal, and was called out widely both by pundits and fans.

As well as his defensive fragility, he also was useless in attack. This stat really highlights that.

According to WhoScored, he notched 8 crosses in the game – which is actually a sensationally high number, but not ONE of them found their target.

That continues his quite astonishing run of bad games in that department. In the Premier League this season, he has only 7 successful crosses, 8% of his 72 attempts. We’re hardly a team that is going to take the ball wide and swing crosses in, but we do have Alvaro Morata and Olivier Giroud as our striker options, so crosses would be a real weapon.

Gonzalo Higuain looks set to be joining this team soon. That’s a good thing, but we’ll need some actual balls into the box to make that work.