“They didn’t respect our club” – Sarri accuses “unprofessional” Bayern of bad behaviour

Maurizio Sarri’s press conferences can be a little dull, especially at this time of year where he just flatly refuses to talk transfers.

But today was a little different. The Italian coach had plenty of interesting topics to be quizzed on, not least Bayern’s pursuit of his star talent, Callum Hudson-Odoi.

Sarri has hardly been at the club long enough to feel too much personal affection, but he still reacted spikily to the German club’s actions, as you can see in his quotes below:

That’s the kind of fire we want from our manager, and he’s totally justified. Bayern’s approaches have been crossing the line, and we want to see them castigated for it.

They’ve probably played it well enough to not get in trouble with FIFA, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ward them off with some powerful rhetoric.

There’s no doubt that they’ve lacked respect for us throughout this process, and we’re glad Sarri is taking them to task for it.