How Chelsea’s bid for Italy international could be ruined by ill-timed pregnancy

Transfer season leads to some pretty silly stuff, and we’re happy to get involved.

Whether it’s tracking a player’s private jet from airport to airport, or reading into every Instagram post like Sherlock Holmes, we’ve had some pretty classic transfer tales over the years.

This is a new one though: could this be the first time a badly timed pregnancy has affected Chelsea’s need for a ball-progressing number 8?

That might be the case according to the Daily Mirror, whose copy today claims that Chelsea transfer target Nicolo Barella – currently playing for Calgiari – may not be able to complete a January move to Stamford Bridge because his wife is six months pregnant.

She wants the baby to be born in Italy, plus it’s a pretty big ask for an expectant mother to move countries at this point anyway.

Unlike the private jets and the social media posts this could actually be a major factor. Let’s wait and see.