Chelsea board could replace Barella with cheap option as top target – but is that a smart move?

The last few weeks have seen Chelsea linked with Nicolo Barella with increasing intensity, but now things have cooled off a little.

It seems as though the €45m asking price being held out for by Cagliari is proving an issue, with the Blues not willing to spend that much on a midfielder when a striker is top of their list of needs this January.

That’s according to the Metro today, who say that Leandro Paredes could now be front-runner, as he’s apparently available for just €35m.

That would leave us a bit of spare cash to put towards a striker, but would it be worth it? Are we better off getting an inferior midfielder and having only a bit of money to spend on a short term striker solution?

Perhaps spending what we need to spend to secure the best midfielder possible is a better idea, and then when summer comes round we can invest in a top of the line forward.

Splitting out focus doesn’t seem wise if we’re on a budget.