“it’s very important for me…if they stay with us” – Maurizio Sarri reveals his stance on whether Luiz and Fabregas stay at Chelsea

Chelsea head coach Maurizio Sarri has revealed he wants David Luiz and Cesc Fabregas to stay at the club and want their contracts to be renewed before they expire in the coming months.

The duo are on the wrong side 30 years and according to an internal policy revealed by playingfor90, the Blues will not award their stars more than a one-year extension on their deals. Cesc Fabregas particularly will leave the club by the end of the season if his contract is not renewed.

He has previously stated his ambition to remain at the club for years to come but per the words of Sarri, the club wants only to award short-term deals for players his age. As is the case with Luiz who is also 31 years and with only six months remaining on his contract.

Sarri says the level of quality and experience they bring into his squad makes them valuable stars he cannot afford to lose.

“David and Cesc are leaders. And so I think it’s very important for me, for the staff, also for their team-mates, if they stay with us. I spoke with the club about this one month ago. I know very well that it’s not easy, but I think that we can do a new deal for both.

The club want a short contract and the players want a long contract. And so it’s difficult for this reason. I think at the end we can find a solution.  They are very important players for us. It’s very difficult to find a centre-back for this level. And it’s very difficult to find a central midfielder technically like Fabregas. So I think they have to stay with us.”

Maurizio Sarri, Independent