Olivier Giroud makes bizarre career move as goals dry up

Olivier Giroud hasn’t been starting much for Chelsea recently, and it seems as though he’s already taking his first steps towards a career after football.

According to reports on Goal.com, the former Arsenal man will feature as the voice of the Green Goblin, one of Spidey’s more notorious enemies in the comics. Also in the picture will be Presnel Kimpembe, the outrageously talented PSG defender.

Although the striker’s legendary good looks will be disappointingly underused – it’s only an animated feature unfortunately.

OG is well past 30 now and it makes sense that he’s looking at what he might do after football. If his goalscoring continues at the rate it’s been going at the last 6 months, his career may come to an end sooner than expected.

Anyone being kept out of a first XI by Alvaro Morata surely has to think long and hard about whether they have a future in football.