Leo Messi appears angry after Paul Pogba makes Kante joke

Why do footballers love Dubai so much?

Of course there are lavish bars and hotels, but if you’re as rich as a footballer you can get those anywhere, and not have to fly to the desert to get to them.

Whatever the reason, it remains a very popular destination for the top players, as became evident this week when Paul Pogba bumped into Leo Messi there.

As you can see above, the two were deep in conversation, but in the video on the Sun’s website, they claim that the Argentine took exception to Pogba signing the N’Golo Kante song – which contains the line “he stopped Messi”.

You’d think Messi might have won enough in his career to let that kind of thing slide, but he didn’t and insisted to Paul “he didn’t, he didn’t!”

To be honest it’s pretty hard to hear what language they’re speaking in, let alone what they say – but it’s good to know that N’Golo can still get under Leo’s skin.