Why David Luiz should not be responding to Instagram meme accounts

David Luiz put in a real horror-show against Tottenham at the weekend, being at least partly responsible for all three for their goals.

It was the kind of stunningly awful showing we’ve got used to from Luiz, and there’s no point retreading the errors as they were.

The problem is that the defender himself is keeping the story alive.

His response to an Instagram post from “OddsBible” was picked up by the Metro, and you can see his response above.

Of course Luiz has a point – yes he was awful but he can’t have been that bad this season if we were unbeaten until this weekend.

But beyond that, it’s just a terrible PR move to reply to these kind of things. Firstly, it shows that he’s out there reading the criticism, when we’d rather he was out there on the training pitch working on his positioning.

Secondly, by responding as he has, he’s basically argued that his 0/10 showing was acceptable because of the points we’d won previously.

Unfortunately, given a lot of those points were won despite of Luiz not because of him (see Newcastle away for the best example), that reasoning just doesn’t fly.