Chelsea fans misled once against about Thibaut Courtois’ Real Madrid move

The Thibaut Courtois move saw Chelsea fans being lied to repeatedly, by different parties.

Courtois and his agent Cristophe Henrotay insisted repeatedly that he wanted to stay and wanted to sign a new deal, which turned out to be a lit.

The goalkeeper also always insisted his desire to move was down to wanting to be close to his ex-girlfriend and his child. We’re sure this played into his decision, but it’s hard to swallow it was the main reason.

Now we’re being misled again, this time by journalists writing about the keeper’s time in Spain. This article in Football.London says that Courtois has now said that an increase in competition is one of the reasons that he’s better off at Real Madrid – but he didn’t say that at all.

His quotes were from Football Espana, and they say that:

“I know how competitive this club is and how difficult it is for the Coach to choose in positions in a lot of games, that is why I came here.”

There’s nothing about Chelsea in there, and there’s definitely nothing that backs up the following quote from Football.London:

“Thibaut Courtois admitted that he made the move from Chelsea to Real Madrid so that he could have more competition for his place.”

That’s a statement that can’t be backed up by any of the quotes from the Belgian after the game. For once, he’s in the clear.