Some Chelsea fans fear that Eden Hazard’s latest comments are another hint about Real Madrid move

Eden Hazard has every right to complain about being fouled constantly, but Chelsea fans will be starting to worry that his most recent comments are yet another prelude to an attempt to move away from the Premier League.

Speaking after a 0-0 draw with Everton, the Belgian didn’t hold back on his feelings about the treatment he gets in games like yesterday’s.

“It is part of the game (being fouled), I think. I’m not happy, but it’s part of football,” Hazard mused in comments carried on ESPN.

“The referee tries to do his job and I try to do my best. When I’m on the ground, I get free kicks and each time it’s a chance for Chelsea to score,” he added.

Hazard has only just come back from another injury, and the relatively rough treatment he got from Everton was just representative of the knocks he gets week in week out. So it’s no surprise to see him complaining again about the lack of protection he feels he gets from referees in this country.

Whether things would be much different in Spain we’re not so sure.