Ten reasons that Chelsea have waited until now to start negotiating Eden Hazard’s contract

Kristof Terreur is about as well connected as you can get – certainly as well connected as you’d want to be – when it comes to Belgian players in the Premier League.

He had some news for Chelsea fans this week when he claimed that the club haven’t started negotiating Eden Hazard’s new contract yet – but that they were intending to start this week.

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That begs the question – what have the club been doing instead of negotiating with their best and most valuable player?

We’ve compiled a list of ten things that the board have had to tick off the list before they could get round to Eden’s new deal:

1. Choosing Winston Bogarde’s shirt number.

2. Finding the ball from Hazard’s missed penalty against Maccabi Tel Avid in 2015:

3. Waiting for Olivier Giroud to score his first Premier League goal of the season.

4. Finding a replacement for Michael Emenalo, who left almost 12 months ago (this one is a joke don’t worry!)

5. Waiting for another team in London to win a European Cup.

6. Scouring the globe for more Hazard brothers to sign to convince Eden to stay.

7. Trying to sell Tiemoue Bakayoko to raise money for Hazard’s signing on fee.

8. Painting the Forth Bridge..

9. Installing ne w dr

10. Waiting for Eden to have a bad game to strengthen their negotiating position.