Do you know who Chelsea’s top assist provider is this season?

There is a debate at the moment about who should start up front for Chelsea. The debate comes down to Alvaro Morata, who sometimes scores but otherwise plays badly; versus Olivier Giroud, who plays well but never scores.

The argument to keep Giroud in the team is predicated on the fact that he helps his teammates score, and the numbers back that up.

Looking at his WhoScored page, you can see that OG has 4 assists. That’s the most of anyone in the Chelsea team.

That’s despite him not being first choice in the opening weeks of the season.

This doesn’t solve the debate by any means, but it’s interesting to note that there is actual weight behind the idea that Giroud is providing a lot of goals for his teammates.

Maurizio Sarri has another week to make up his mind before next weekend’s clash with Manchester United at Old Trafford – where Morata scored the winner last year.