“Eden Hazard would fit in seamlessly at Real Madrid” – Sky Sports presenter still trying to make move happen

Eden Hazard’s potential transfer to Real Madrid never really took over the news this summer.

His words after the World Cup, where he heavily hinted he wanted to leave, were taken seriously, but after that thing died down. There were other stories to report on, and nothing fresh on the Hazard front.

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That’s all changed now, as with the window closed and no new contract yet signed, the Belgian’s future is becoming the biggest transfer story in football.

That means he’s being discussed all over the place, including on Sky Sports news, where former Premier League defender Danny Higginbotham has been signing his praises:

“When Real Madrid or Barcelona come knocking especially with foreign players that have come over to the Premier League it is very difficult to turn them down,” he said on the Sky Sports website.

“It doesn’t matter who you are whether you are Coutinho, Suarez, Ronaldo to name just a few, Modric as well…. so obviously it’s going to be very difficult and he [Hazard] would fit in seamlessly at a club like Real Madrid, there’s no doubt about it, but it would be a real shame if he was to leave the Premier League.”

Tell us something we don’t know Danny. If there’s anything we don’t need to be reminded of this season, it’s how good Hazard is. In fact, the idea that he will just slip seamlessly into Real Madrid’s team if he does leave is precisely what makes the idea of him going so painful!