Chelsea fans are looking forward to matches again after bleak six months

Football is supposed to be fun, but at times it doesn’t feel like it.

The latter half of last season was an utter drag – especially for people who had to write about every game.

The cycle was the same. Antonio Conte would turn up for a frigid pre-match press conference, then his team would go and put in a performance ranging from woeful to just average.

Then repeat the same thing a week later.

The FA Cup triumph was a welcome exception, but the latter half of last season was basically an utter slog.

That’s all changed now. Under Maurizio Sarri every day of this international break is an irritation as we look forward to getting back to club football.

Regardless of what he wins this season, achieving that was his first goal, and he’s accomplished it.

Where we go from here nobody knows, but at least it looks set to be an entertaining ride.