3 Positives from Chelsea’s thrilling draw with Manchester United

Chelsea equalised in the last minute of a thrilling game against Manchester United, and there were plenty of plus points for us to pick out.

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+ Benched Barkley brings pain

Ross Barkley must have felt hard done by to have been dropped to the bench after some strong performances of late, and he added pressure on Maurizio Sarri by getting the crucial tap in here.

+ First half control

Things got worse later on, but when Chelsea had the lead they looked very calm and in control. Until Manchester United scored their goal from almost nothing, we had total control of the game. What came after was the problem.

+ Rudiger iron forehead

Maurizio Sarri is known for his set pieces, and in Antonio Rudiger he has found the perfect weapon to use in those situations. The German has a great leap, and plenty of strength to get above opponents. When the delivery is right, he’s a true menace – even for a team as big as Man United.