The race for the Champions League has begun and Chelsea can take another big step ahead of their rivals today

We’re only in week 6 of the Premier League season, but if recent seasons have taught us anything, it’s that every week counts.

When it comes down to the end of the season, only four teams make it to the Champions League, and with six really big and established clubs now playing for those four spots, it’s no longer about looking at the table in April.

Manchester United dropped points yesterday, and while it was only two, that means another chances to go further ahead of our rivals today with a win against West Ham.

City, Spurs and Liverpool won, so don’t think we can afford to slip up like we did last season. Each and every point will be vital in the final reckoning, and every win takes us closer to the promised land of the top four.

A win would take us 8 points clear of United and 9 clear of Arsenal if things go our way in their game tomorrow. It may only be September, but those are some pretty significant gaps.

Let’s make them happen.