Alvaro Morata favoured as top goalscorer over Olivier Giroud

Now the transfer window has closed, we can see who the bookies think will be top scorer for the Blues in this upcoming season.

You can see the odds in the Tweet below:

Those numbers will be slightly different with each bookie, but largely that order will remain the same.

There are a few interesting things here. Eden Hazard is top, predictably, given he’s our best player and takes penalties.

Alvaro Morata ahead of Olivier Giroud is notable. While Giroud isn’t prolific, he has a very good chance to establish himself ahead of the Spaniard, which would give him a great chance of winning the award.

Even Michy is in on the action there, showing that if he ends up sticking around there’s some faith he can bang goals in.

Beyond that there’s not much to shout about. The rest of the players come in at longer than 20/1 – is that the sign that there’s not going to be sufficient goals in this side?