Will Chelsea’s signings impress Eden Hazard?

Back in May, Eden Hazard made some pretty bald threats to the Chelsea hierarchy. Sign some decent players this summer or I’m off.

They made a slow start, and nothing happened for a month, but now they’re secured Jorginho from Napoli, and further additions seem just days away.

The question is: will these moves be enough to satisfy Hazard?

This week Hazard spoke again about his future, and sounded more intent on leaving than ever.

Of course he can still be made to stay if we don’t accept a bid for him, but can we simply persuade him to want to stay by improving the team?

A lot will depend on how high we reach with the striker we look set to bring in. Maybe we should ask Eden exactly who he would like to play with and go from there?

We’re willing to try anything that keeps the Belgian here at the club.