“Hazard winks at Madrid” – Spanish press picking up hints that Belgian could be ready for move

Spanish paper Marca have picked up on hints from Eden Hazard has made in recent days, and they’ve really run with what he’s said.

The winger said that Real Madrid are a special club with or without Zinedine Zidane in charge. The talk previously had been that it was playing with this idol that was tempting him away from Chelsea. He’s pretty clearly declared that’s not the case here.

So our hopes of holding on to Hazard are shrinking, according to the Spanish periodical. They say he’s Madrid’s second choice, if they can’t sign Neymar. “Plan B”. How nice to live in a world where Hazard is your plan B. Chelsea can’t even appoint a manager at the moment, let alone sign a world class player in their prime as their second choice.

Whether this is evidence of any real new intent on Hazard’s part isn’t know, but it will only have the effect of making him a more tempting target for Madrid.