Willian hints at Chelsea squad’s unhappiness with Conte

william shot

The players haven’t even begun their summer break yet and there’s already the first whispers of some juicy gossip on the go.

It’s Willian who’s the guilty party in this case, as he’s asked by Brazilian ESPN what he thinks about Antonio Conte.

The attackers reply was basically “we’d better not talk about that”… hardly a ringing endorsement.

If you’re in the right region you can see the video here.

Otherwise the boys at We Ain’t Got No History have the full quotes here.

Of course these things can be taken in a variety of ways, and there’s no way to be certain what he meant by it. Imagine someone asking you to talk about your boss, and you reply with a chuckle “I’d better not answer that!” – it could mean you don’t like him, but it’s just as likely you’re just having a joke.

We’ll see what happens when Conte goes. If there’s more to this than meets the eye, there’s sure to be other players making their feelings known.