Three reasons why Chelsea will be taking a huge risk in selling Alvaro Morata

morata juventus

Chelsea are due to be involved in top transfer deals in the coming transfer window, as several of their players under performed this season, while a new manager to replace Antonio Conte would be keen to bring in his favored players.

But one piece of business might not be reasonable especially as it resonates with Chelsea fans who may have seen other players written off too early in their careers at Chelsea.

Rumors have been gathering that Alvaro Morata may not be at Chelsea only a season after he signed from Real Madrid. Juventus are lurking for their former player, but why has it not clicked in the minds of the Stamford Bridge top hierarchy that there could be some wonder in the Spanish striker that is yet to break out? Should it break out elsewhere?

Here are three reasons why Chelsea cannot afford to lose Alvaro Morata:

1 – He will return to haunt Chelsea

Chelsea are not the same side they were a few years ago, that is established with their inconsistent campaigns lately. But another thing that has changed dramatically at Chelsea is the way they sell of their failing stars without keeping faith with them. Kevin de Bruyne, Mohamed Salah and Romelu Lukaku have been talked about in recent months after shining at their respective clubs. Why send Morata on loan to Juventus with an option to buy when there have been a precedent in Salah that came back to haunt the Blues? Don’t discount Chelsea’s local rivals from expressing interest in a former Chelsea player, just to spice up rivalries in future.

2 – He is only 24 years old

At 24 years, Morata still has a lot to learn and adapt to different styles and by the time he reaches 26, expect fireworks from the man who keeps learning under top coaches. Morata has been treated as a young player for much of his career and is yet to prove himself consistently at the top club, but his age gives hope that, when faith is kept in him while working under the right manager, he could blossom.

3 – This was his first season, playing as main striker

Morata has not enjoyed being regarded as the main striker at any on the top clubs he’s played at since since he turned professional. The Spain striker has had spells at Juventus and Real Madrid where he was considered a good substitute, never completing more than 43% of season action. But at Chelsea this season, Antonio Conte trusted him to lead the line. He began well and injury set in. His goal scoring returns took and big stumble midway through the season and he hasn’t looked the same player at the beginning of the season, but the silver lining in all this is a reminder of how he blossomed in his first few months in English football.