Strong new source confirms Willian talks with Manchester United ahead of transfer window


Willian’s representatives have held meetings with Manchester United officials in preparation to try and arrange a transfer from Chelsea, according to a report in the Manchester Evening News.

The rumours of Manchester United being interested in the Brazilian have been around for some time, mainly seeming to be based on the fact that Jose Mourinho is an outspoken fan of him. However this a new level of credibility for the rumour however. The MEN is well sourced, and these are pretty specific claims.

They compare this transfer to that of Nemanja Matic. who joined the Red Devils last summer. Certainly that provides a precedent for  Chelsea selling a first team player passing 30 to their Premier League rivals.

The fact that that’s probably a dangerous habit to form is also a consideration. But if Chelsea want to spend this summer they must look for valuable assets to move on. Wilian is one of those, and he has a buyer waiting.