The FA Cup final broken down by Manchester United writer

The final game of Chelsea’s 17/18 season is drawing closer, and with it arrives our final chance to win a trophy.

With the game on the horizon, we asked Dale O’Donnell of StrettyNews to lay out his thoughts on this Saturday’s game.

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1) Dale, a solid 17/18 for Manchester United but this is the only trophy you can win. Was winning the Europa League and Carabao Cup last season more enjoyable?

As things stand, yes. But this term we’ve finished second, four places better off than last season, so there’s been significant progress under Jose Mourinho. The question now is whether we can go a step forward next season and take our title back from City. 

2) Jose Mourinho will be keen to take down Chelsea in the final, how happy are you with him as the manager? Is there a divided fanbase or do people still believe he’s the best choice to try and stop Manchester City?
The fanbase is divided but most agree Mourinho has brought United forward. His football is dull but he knows how to win football matches and silverware. Reds I speak to on a regular basis know he’s only a short-term fix, which makes his reign bearable, but in the future I want our next appointment to bring back the football we’re used to at Old Trafford. An attacking mindset with width and pace!
Stopping City has to be the main objective for next season and I’d fancy Mourinho, over any other available managers out there, to do that.
3) You won this trophy two years ago, how is this team different to the one you put out in the last game of the Louis Van Gaal era?
Well, the FA Cup hero that day, Jesse Lingard, has improved significantly and I fancy him to play a major role on Saturday. That said, Van Gaal won United’s first FA Cup in a very long time and without that, the likes of Rooney and Carrick would have left the club without every winning the competition. It’s our fondest memory of the crazy Dutchman and remarkably it was the day he got the sack.
4) Luke Shaw is constantly liked with Chelsea, what are your feelings on him? Do you think it’s too late for him to ever recover his peak or could he come back to haunt United with success at another club?
Shaw has an attitude problem and claims he’s being bullied by Mourinho are wide off the mark. We must not ignore the fact Shaw has been publicly criticised by every manager he’s played under, so it’s a shame he can’t get his head down and work on developing given with the talent he possesses. His diet is another issue.
5) Thanks for talking to Chelsea News! Finally, what is your prediction for Saturday’s scoreline?
I fancy our chances. United to win 2-0, as you predicted in our conversation over at Stretty News!