Barcelona’s faux-pas means Antoine Griezmann to Chelsea still has hope

antoine griezmann chelsea

Barcelona are very keen to sign Antoine Griezmann. That’s long established now, and according to those in the know in Spain, they’ve been chasing him for several seasons now.

The time seems to be right for a summer move, but their recent contact with the Frenchman has enraged Atletico. They are sick of the Catalans thinking they can poach whichever players they like from their La Liga rivals.

This could open the door for Chelsea. If Griezmann wants to go, they may prefer to sell him to the Premier League – partly so as not to strengthen a league rival, but also partly to spite Barcelona.

It’s a long shot to think that the former Real Sociedad man will want to take a step down and play for a team not competing in the Champions League next year, but if we can make a few statements of intent early on in the window and get a top manager in, who’s to say what we might be able to achieve?