Man City equal Chelsea’s amazing record in their conquest of the Premier League title


Chelsea enjoyed holding a Premier League record for just one season, and Manchester United also had to deal with their cross city rivals becoming the third side to have beaten all 19 of their league  opponents in a title winning season.

Pep Guardiola’s side have beaten all 19 opponents at least once this season to take them into the two-club bracket of conquering all sides in one season.

It’s a record Chelsea and Man United may have boasted will not be matched in a heavily contested division in recent years, but the efforts of the Citizens will have to be applauded.

What’s more hurting, possibly, for Man United is the fact they have to share some of these strange records with their ‘noisy neighbors’. Especially after they did their best to beat the champions elect at the Ettihad stadium last week, only to lose at home to West Brom, and hand the title to their rivals.