Pedro hints at sadness over Chelsea transfer


Like all players who grew up in the family-like atmosphere of Barcelona, Pedro didn’t ever really want to have to leave. He ended up pushing for a move in 2015 because he wasn’t playing as much as he wanted, but in reality his dream would  have been to stay there as a starter.

You can tell from the way he speaks about his move to Chelsea, especially in the wake of his return to the Nou Camp last week.

The Canary Islander, whose quotes have been translated from Mundo Deportivo by Sport Witness, apparently told his former colleagues “what I would give to be in this locker room… what I would give to be here”.

Unfortunately for the 30 year old he had lost his place in the Blaugrana team, and the family that had raised him didn’t have the same sentimental attachment to him as he does to them.

Still, he’s made a good fist of things at Chelsea, having rather unfortunately been present for the two poor seasons sandwiching one good one.