Just one Chelsea player in the top 50 in the Premier League this season

eden hazard west brom defender

Chelsea have not had their best season, that much is for sure. And reflecting that perfectly is the fact that only one man makes the top 50 players according to Sky Sports’ football power rankings.

Using various stats to give players a total score for the season, we had several of our big names up there at points this season.

But right now only Eden Hazard survives, and he’s dropping like a stone, currently sitting in ninth place.

If things carry on as they have been in 2018, it would be no surprise to see him end the season outside the top 20.

Of course the numbers are purely arbitrary, and anyone who recalls the season before Christmas will tell you that is was comfortable one of if not the best spell that Hazard has had at Chelsea. He should be making the top 10 players of the season easily on the back of that alone.