Jose Mourinho gives important update on his feud with Chelsea manager Antonio Conte


Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has revealed that the hot feud between himself and Antonio Conte is over.

The Manchester United boss has officially buried the hatchet with the Blues boss after he agreed they haven’t being in good terms and it is time to bring the grudge between them to an end.

Both managers have been in a long standing bad spell, trading back and forth insults against each other during the season. The Premier League rivals have a long history of rivalry and misunderstandings which has raised great tension between the two teams in recent times.

Mourinho’s side recently hosted the Blues at Old Trafford, a game they won by 2-1 in the end. In the course of the game, Mourinho and Conte were captured exchanging smiles and chit-chatting on the touchlines.

Mourinho insists all of their problems early this year should be put behind, move on and focus on their various managerial positions.

“We have had problems but now we need to forget about it. He is the coach of Chelsea, I am at Manchester United – we could not do anything different: respect the situation, greet each other and move forward. We did the right thing”

Jose Mourinho,  Daily Mail