Incredible report says Antonio Conte does not speak to long serving backroom staff


Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is under immense pressure after his side have failed to produce the kind of results that is expected of them in all competitions.

The Blues have failed to maintain a consistently good form in all the competitions they’ve played in, which has resulted in criticisms at the doorstep of the Italian manager. He has reacted in public to some of those comments, and now the Express say some of that negative reaction has been seen at Chelsea’s training complex in Cobham.

If those reports are true, the former Juventus tactician is not speaking to all of his backroom staff except nine of whom he brought in from Italy, including his brother Gianluca Conte.

According to the source speaking to the Express, Conte has cut off all other backroom staff and is keeping to himself around the club apart from the others the source called ‘band of brothers’.

“Conte these days only speaks to the close circle of coaching staff including his brother that he brought to the club with him.

He does not speak to any of the English staff. There is virtually a total cut off at the training ground.”

Source at Chelsea, Express