Don’t let the Twitter jokers fool you – Michy had his chance this season

michy batshuayi dortmund

Michy Batshuayi last night bagged two more goals for Dortmund, including a last minute winner, taking his total tally there to 7 since joining in January.

It’s been pointed out that this is more than Alvaro Morata – in fact Batshuayi has three more goals for Chelsea since Morata last scored, but let’s not kid ourselves that Michy wasn’t given a chance.

Morata had plenty of spells out, and he just never looked like the right man for the job.

Plenty of times he got the start, and at his worst he looked genuinely like a Championship footballer.

That’s not to say he’s not a good player, and that he doesn’t deserve another chance at Stamford Bridge.

But it’s a totally false narrative to say he didn’t get a chance this season. He did, he scored some goals, but also put in some dreadful showings.

That said, Morata must feel the breath of two strikers on his neck now.