Chelsea’s two wing back options failing to impress as another summer of spending looks on the cards

zappacosta moses

The battle between Victor Moses and Davide Zappacosta to control the right wing back position has been going on all season, but it’s generally been the case that the pair have been playing themselves out of their place rather than into it.

Time and again one or the other has played a good game, only to earn the starting spot for a few games then lose it again through failing to impress.

The two have played fairly even amounts across the season, with neither making the position their own.

The fact that Moses was rested at the weekend will tell you he’s favourite to be the man who starts against Barcelona, but that doesn’t mean he will keep it for long, especially given how well Zappacosta played against Crystal Palace.

At the end of the day, neither has really had a consistent season, and right back will remain a concern for any manager coming in.